Laser Technology

What do leading manufacturers need in a laser machine to stay competitive?

The answer is to have the best machine for any manufacturing requirement with the ability to produce high-quality products as efficiently as possible. AMADA, who understands every manufacturing need, addresses these requiurements by introducing the next generation in laser processing with user-friendly and application-oriented approaches.

CO2 Laser processing - A method for finest cutting results

A choice of laser techniques is of course related to the material choice, but there is much more to this. A decisive criteria also lies in the required cutting edge - and surface quality. Do you imagine laser processing "with white gloves", to handle a highly sensitive material surface, burr-free and with a minimum in roughness depth? Then a CO2-Laser could be the right choice. Like scarcely any other laser method, it has been tested and proven over so many years.

In combination with the corresponding automation units and expansion level, many models of AMADA provide a practically scratchless processing to serve even high demands as in food or medicine technology or for fine design purposes.

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