Comprehensive solutions for laser welding and cutting, bending and punching

The actuality of the digital trend remains unbroken. Intelligent, overarching solutions are therefore increasingly being used as an instrument to producing companies and reach surprisingly Improvemnets in all steps of the added value chain. The growth in the demand of a large scale variety, as well as the decrease in lot sizes urge the timesaving, external programmable solutions, to enable producers to react flexibly to the market's requirements.

To produce competitively, AMADA provides along with many other succesful software products the newest overarching software solution VPSS3i (Virtual Prototyping Solution system). It simulates via virtual prototyping your complete production step by step, to demask potential sources of error, and help to remove potential obstacles in the foremath of your actual production. The VPSS3i ist externally programmable and allows even complex nestings, processing of 2D and 3D-drawings and interacts with the AMADA Datenbank for cutting data management.

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