Bending Technology
HFE 3i
HFE 3i

Complete range to cover all your bending needs

HFE 3i press brake 1003

Built on the solid foundation of the HFE series, Amada's HFE 3i press brake models include additional production-enhancing features and an innovative touch-screen AMNC 3i interface.

18.5" multi-touch display offers multiple modes of data entry (angle, depth, 2D and 3D) for ultimate programming flexibility.
A user-friendly graphic interface and tool library assist operators in the quick setup of complicated parts.

Easy Operation with the AMNC 3i control

  • Multi-touch LCD panel with a user-friendly design provides intuitive smartphone like operation
  • The 18.5 inch vertical display means you can view all the necessary program and bend information
Bending machine controll AMNC3i
Bending machine controll AMNC3i
Bending machine controll AMNC3i

Angle control and Angle measuring system

Bi-S & Bi-L

  • Automatic angle adjustment
  • Highly accurate bending
  • For changing material thickness and properties
  • No need for test bending and adjustment of the initial bend angle
  • Reduction of setup time
Angle adjustment BI-S
Angle adjustment BI-S

Back gauge and Eco drive systems

Back gauges

  • 5 axis back gauges with tool navigation system
  • Finger indicates the precise position to place the tools

Delta X finger

  • Useful feature when bending asymmetrical work pieces



Eco drive system

The Eco drive system continually monitors and self-adjusts bending requirements - providing benefits such as 20% less energy usage, reduced maintenance, less oil consumption, lower noise levels, and increased reliability.

Functions (Optional Equipment)

LED light
An LED light is installed to the Rear side of the  upper beam
Front support
Front workpiece support
Additional finger shapes
Uses special shaped fingers for flexible gauging positions

Bending machine sheet follower

Sheet follower

  • Improves accuracy and safety
  • Especially for large and heavy workpieces
  • Assists the operator
  • Eliminates the need for a secondoperator

Manual Grip

  • Front installation / front removal
  • Close the space between Grips
  • Manual rear plate (option)

Pneumatic auto grip

  • Front installation / front removal
  • Automatic pull up function
  • Easy to reposition and remove Grips
  • Manual rear plate (option)
  • Close the space between Grips
  • No tubes on rear side

Hydraulic tool holder

  • Front installation / front removal
  • Easy setting of complicated tool layouts
  • No tubes on rear side