Bending Technology

Pure precision

The HG press brakes are the top models in the AMADA portfolio and are especially suitable for short runs. They ensure outstanding precision and operate at the highest process speeds available to date, and packed with sophisticated technologies.

Bending machines for the high-end segment

  • Press forces of between 500 and 2,200 kN
  • Press beam lengths between 1,400 and 4,280 mm
  • Servohydraulic drives
  • Cost-efficient in operation with high productivity
  • Very high operating speed

Special features

  • High-precision press beam drive
  • Outstanding angular bending accuracy
  • Precise, uniform bending is guaranteed along the entire length of the press beam
  • TDS: detection of the thickness of the sheet material (discrepancies between the thickness determined and a previously specified reference value are detected the entry depth of the die is adjusted)
  • Constant, accurate bending angles

Bi-S & Bi-L

  • Automatic angle adjustment
  • Highly accurate bending
  • For changing material thickness and properties
  • No need for test bending and adjustment of the initial bend angle
  • Reduction of setup time
Angle adjustment BI-S
Angle adjustment BI-S

Servohydraulic drive

  • Particularly economical
  • Less oil consumption
  • Less maintenance
  • Extremely smooth-running, low-noise operation