Laser Technology

The allrounder

Laser cutting for the broadest spectrum of material types and thicknesses 

The ENSIS AJ is ideally suited for ferrous steels as well as for nonferrous metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass or titanium. Special feature: The beam is automatically modulated as a function of sheet thickness, with AMADA´s variable beam control technology.

ENSIS-3015 AJ laser cutting machine



ENSIS-3015 AJ laser cutting machine

AMADA's fiber laser boasts a very special feature, namely the ability to continuously adjust the beam to match the material thickness. As a result, the kerf grows slightly wider as the sheet thickness increases and the finished parts can therefore be removed without any difficulty. The technical implementation of this function is based on the expertise bundled in the in-house AMADA beam source. Users benefit from long, unattended production runs, almost without any set-up operations and optionally equipped with significant automation capabilities.

The laser beam is automatically adapted to the sheet thickness.
ENSIS-3015 AJ laser cutting machine

Practically interruption-free production

ENSIS-3015 AJ laser cutting machine

Also the elimination of the need to change lenses is a crucial advantage offered by the innovative ENSIS AJ.

The result is practically interruption-free, high speed, high quality production with all system components performing with outstanding energy efficiency. Automatic nozzle changing also provides Optimum cutting results. For best results, the ENSIS AJ can be connected to a variety of automation modules.

In combination with, for example, a fully automatic loading and unloading tower or parts sorting, production cycles can be significantly shortened and productivity increased many times over. 

ENSIS 3015 AJ at the EuroBLECH 2014